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The legend of the Scorpion brand

The history of the Abarth brand is the story of a man, Carlo Abarth, who managed to transform his personality and vision into a new automotive philosophy.

From racing cars built on bodies inherited from Cisitalia, to the birth of the legendary conversion kits, and to international successes on the track and in rallies. From the incredible records notched up at Monza with his record models built on the Fiat 500 and Fiat 600 chassis, to the European victories of the Fiat 124 Abarth Rally, and on to the conquest of the world title with the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally. From the first 204 A, driven to success by Tazio Nuvolari, to the 500 Abarth, without forgetting other extraordinary cars such as the 2400 Coupé, the 1000 Bialbero Record Pininfarina or the 2000 Sport Tipo SE 010... Relive the history of Abarth, its protagonists and its most significant cars, on the FCA Heritage website.

Classic car services

FCA Heritage offers a range of services designed for enthusiasts, owners and collectors of vintage Abarth cars.
Entrust your classic car to the FCA Heritage team of experts to have its originality validated by the Certificate of Authenticity, or for repairs and restoration,
which will enable the object of your pride to renew its appearance and performances of the past.

Reloaded by Creators

FCA Heritage offers sales processes for a selection of history-making Abarth models. These involve recovering, restoring and certifying them, thanks to its team of technical experts.
Become the owner of the vintage Abarth you've always dreamed of, by buying it directly from the parent company. Find out which cars are currently available in the showcase of the Reloaded by Creators project.